Friday, 16 May 2014

Murderous Mothers: China Arnold

China Arnold
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While China Arnold may not be all that well known in the UK, in the USA her name sparks instant repulsion. You see, China Arnold was convicted in 2008 of the murder of her 28-day old baby girl, Paris Talley - whom she had placed in the microwave. The medical examiner, Dr. Marcello Fiero believes baby Paris was placed in the microwave for longer than two minutes and died when her internal temperature became critical. Basically, China Arnold "cooked" her little girl.

Although Arnold denies murdering her daughter, investigators believe she did so because she was unsure who the father was. Arnold's defence is she was intoxicated on the day Paris died and she cannot remember what exactly happened. This was despite her admitting to medical staff in the hospital that she had "killed my baby".

China Arnold has actually been convicted of the murder of her daughter twice technically, after the original conviction was thrown out. This was because the son of Arnold's boyfriend had gone to his father telling him that he had pulled the baby's lifeless body out of the microwave after she had been placed in there by a child from the neighbourhood. Arnold was found guilty for a second time after a fresh trial revealed Paris had actually died somewhere between 2.15 and 3.15 in the morning. The child also recanted their testimony.

Perhaps the most shocking turn of events for the woman dubbed "microwave mom" by the American media is that she somehow managed to escape the death penalty. Instead she was given life without the chance of parole and she is currently incarcerated at the Ohio Reformatory for Women. Arnold is currently appealing her conviction.

Arnold branded Microwave Mom by the press
(courtesy of HTLNtv)

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