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Murderous Mothers: Darlie Routier

Darlie Lynn Routier

One of, if not the most, controversial female inmates resides on death row in Texas - Darlie Routier. Convicted of the 1996 murder of her son, 5-year old Damon, she is also believed to be responsible for the death of Devon, her 6-year old son. Although many will say the evidence in this case clearly points to Routier, she is not without her supporters. In fact, there are many who believe Darlie Routier is an innocent woman, a victim of incompetent police work and circumstantial evidence.

On June 6th,1996 at 2.31 am, a frantic 911 call was made from within the Routier residence. The caller was Darlie Routier, reporting that she and her young sons had been attacked by an unknown intruder as they lay sleeping in the downstairs living area. Routier reported that as well as stabbing her, the intruder had stabbed both of her sleeping sons. First responders were shocked by the brutal injuries Devon and Damon had suffered, while Darlie Routier had, what many called, superficial injuries. Despite allegedly sleeping through the entire attack on her and the children, Darlie told police she had given chase to the intruder. All of this had happened as Darlie's husband, Darin Routier, lay sleeping upstairs with the couple's seven month old son, Drake. In fact, the first Darin Routier was aware of a problem, was when he heard his wife screaming to call 911.

In the days following the murder, Darlie Routier's behavior was described as odd, even cold. Many people were already questioning whether Darlie was responsible for the horrific murders, as she did not appear particularly upset at the loss of her young sons. This was evidenced further just eight days after the murders, when Darlie and her family held a 7th birthday party for Devon at the little boys' graves. Video recordings of Darlie laughing, smiling, singing "Happy Birthday" and spraying silly string over the children's graves were broadcast across America. Her actions, which Darlie Routier described as celebrating her sons' lives as they would of wanted, seemed to cement her guilt in the minds of many and she was arrested on capital murder charges four days later.

During the Routier trial, prosecutors argued that the crime scene did not match up with Darlie Routier's version of events that night. Rather than being brutally attacked by an unknown assailant, prosecutors accused Routier of brutally stabbing the two boys and then inflicting less serious injuries on herself. They painted her as a materialistic woman, who lived well beyond her means and who, behind closed doors, was sinking under substantial debts. The worry of no longer being able to live the high life and the possibility of losing the family home drove Routier to murder her two young sons. After all, having two less children to care for would relieve some of the financial burden pressuring the family. Blood spatter experts, physcians, crime scene techs and law enforcement officers all spoke out against Routier at trial. According to these professionals the crime scene was staged and blood spatter on Routier's clothes the night of the murder was, in their opinion, cast off spray from a stabbing motion. Despite Routier's defence strongly arguing her innocence, she was found guilty and sentenced to death on Febuary 1st, 1997.

And now,  some 18 years after the murders, Darlie Routier sits on death row - still protesting her innocence. For every professional who speaks up for her guilt, there is another who will speak for her innocence. Routier has a legion of supporters who believe the police concentrated straight away on Darlie Routier being the perpetrator -therefore blinding themselves to the possibility that there may actually be a violent murderer out there somewhere.

So, what do you think? Is Darlie Routier a cold blooded killer who picked off her young sons simply to ensure she was able to continue with her lavish lifestyle. Or, does an innocent grieving mother sit on death row, imprisoned for a crime she didn't commit?

Darlie Routier in 1996


  1. Darlie Routier is guilty - pure and simple. What sort of individual breaks into a home and murders the two weakest potential witnesses, leaving the adult alive with minor injuries. I don't believe she planned it. I think she did it in a fit of rage after an argument with Darin (the real reason they were sleeping apart). I think she killed the boys to get at him and when she realised what she had done, she panicked, screamed and alerted Darin. Leaving her no time to come up with a more plausible story, she had to think on her feet. This is why the whole thing is sooo unbelievable, she was just making it up as she went along to save herself.

  2. There is actually plenty of evidence to question this conviction and no doubt the death sentence was a result of the infamous grave side video.
    Having stated that, questioning a conviction is a far cry from "reasonable doubt". The jury heard the evidence and I haven't been asked to review this case by anyone, so I only have a cursory view.

  3. I, just like you, was not entirely convinced of Darlie Routier's guilt. I spent time reading through the trial transcripts, reading about the blood evidence and hearing testimonies - many from people who stood to gain nothing from convicting a young mother of capital murder. I now have a VERY different opinion and I am beyond convinced that not only is Darlie Routier guilty but she is in the right place too. Ask yourself, what was this alleged intruder's true motive - it wasn't robbery because there was jewelry in plain sight that was left behind. If it was to sexual assault Darlie, when he realised he wasn't going to be successful why didn't he murder her? he had already savagely stabbed her two boys - she was left with superficial injuries - he left her alive - the ONE person who could potentially put him on death row! But perhaps the most damning evidence is the knife that was used by the 'intruder' came from inside the Routier home. It was found back in the knife block. So how did he manage to cut the screen to get in, without first coming in the house to get the knife. He couldn't of used it when he escaped because, in Darlie's own testimony, she was chasing him.

    I don't force my opinion, or I hope I don't appear that way, on anyone and I fully appreciate your right to hold a different view. I do urge you to read the trial transcripts at - it is heavy going and it will take time but I assure you it is well worth it. All I ask is,when you have read them, you come back and tell me what you think. Happy New Year.

  4. Just to be clear- the 'intruder' apparently used two knives from the Routier's kitchen, one to stab the children that was found at the crime scene and one to cut the screen, which was found by CSI in the Routier's knife block.

  5. Darlie did it. Not a shred of evidence of an intruder. She even wrote letters from jail saying she saw who did it and would tell who it was. 18+ years later............

  6. SHE, in my opinion, had accepted her lilttle boys' MURDERS, entirely to quickly & rapidly. There was simply NO stages of norm of logical stages of coming to terms with what happen, to her young children OR her. She was gleeful, happy, snapping on that chewing gum, as if her child was ALIVE, and present at his birthday party. i have two kids, if anything like this happened to them when they were little, i would have to be put away, i would not want to live without them. I’m not sure how i would be able to go on, especially if they had been murdered! I can not wrap my head around why someone would want to come in , use a knife from the house inside, walk past an adult and start stabbing little children?? stabbing them right in the chest where they would surely die, why didn’t they stab her in the chest to ensure, HER death? And HOW, HOW HOW, could she, SLEEP, through the, ENTIRE, attack, including her own, but awakes when her son, taps her on the shoulder, just defies all logic, as we know it to be (she, herself admits, she's knows she couldn't have slept through an attack like that, but she doesn't remember, ANYTHING) and why are there so many times where she is smiling or laughing & seemingly without a care in the world? that is not the logical behavior of mother or woman destroyed by the MURDERS of her two young children & an near “alleged” left for dead, attack on herself. Where is the motive to kill two sleeping babies??? The only time I’ve seen her show any type of crushed emotion, is in her mug shot & in the back of a police car, she’s showing emotion, then. Darlie, exhibited she was ready to move on with her life…go on her scheduled vacations/trips, they had planned, before the murders bc her children were up there having the best biggest party or time of their lives, or Whatever she said at the interview at the gravesite. Darlie, expressed more emotion in her interviews about how she felt, being convicted, than she EVER, did about her children murder or her own "alleged" attacked. To me, Darlie, felt like she wasn't getting the attn SHE needed, on top of not being a self disciplined mother, meaning those boys ran the household & not Darlie. She smells of narcissistic tendancies, BUT didn't want to lose the all American family image, still having Drake, it's only one kid, surely she could manage, ONE, child. Look, if this was a relative of mine, offspring, sibling, or parent, or any realative. I'D question the very same things I question about her. I believe some of her relatives have questioned it too, just not out loud. I AM NOT convinced of her innocence.

  7. Dna an forensic evidence does not discriminate against anyone it tells the true facts of what happened .. she is gulity an should be executed as she did to her kids .. the people that want to support her are living in la la land not wanting to believe all the evidence against her .. she needs to die for what she did to those 2 little boys ..

  8. Agreed James. Don't know how she has so many fooled.