Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Finally - The Jodi Arias Circus is Over as she gets LWOP.

Jodi Arias was sentenced in her Prison 'Stripes'
It has been seven long years for the family and loved ones of Travis Alexander, the young man whose life was taken by Jodi Arias in 2008. After initially denying any involvement in the murder, Arias was arrested for the crime. Her 2013 trial saw her story change again, yes she HAD killed Travis Alexander but it was an act done in self defence. The trial quickly turned into a media circus as it was screened live to the nation. Details of a horrific murder scene, tawdry details of secret sex sessions and accusations of domestic violence all made the Arias trial a headline stealer. Arias spent 18 long days on the stand, detailing how Travis' sexual deviancy and violent streak led to a final attack on June 4th 2008 that led to her fighting for her life. While allegedly defending herself, Arias shot Travis Alexander, stabbed him 30 times and then slit his throat. Spectators travelled to Phoenix from all over the country to witness what had become a real life soap opera. Thankfully, after a trial spanning four months, the jury found her guilty of murder, they also decided her crime was especially cruel However, the jury were to deadlock on whether Arias deserved to die for her crime. 

Fast forward to October 2014 and the retrial of the punishment phase began with a brand new jury. As with the original trial, it quickly descended into tales of tawdry sexual antics and accusations that Travis Alexander was a paedophile with an interest in little boys. While Arias would question his sexuality in one breath, she openly admitted to having a sexual relationship with him herself. Even after this supposed evidence of paedophilia came to light. What was meant to be a short retrial, quickly dragged on into a four month repeat of the trial circus. Poor Travis Alexander and his reputation were dragged through the mud by Arias' defence team and supporters. It soon became clear that, as the jury deliberated, there was a good chance there would be a second deadlocked jury. And so there was, one lone juror could not commit Arias to death. This immediately took the death penalty off the table and left Judge Sherry Stephens with the decision whether Arias would serve life with no parole or life with a chance of parole after 25 years.

And so on April 13th 2015, Judge Sherry Stephens sentenced Arias to life without parole. She also added that Arias' crime was especially cruel and required much in the way of planning and preparation. Therefore confirming her belief that Arias did not kill Travis Alexander in self defence but in cold blood. I cannot begin to imagine what hell the Alexander family have had to endure these past seven years. To lose a brother in such a horrifically senseless way is bad enough but to then listen to his murderer drag his good name and honour through the mud is just cruel beyond belief. 

I wanted Arias to get the death penalty, however, since hearing the verdict I have decided maybe she has received the best punishment. Had she been put on death row she would have been entitled to countless appeals not afforded to the average convict. Being on death row would have allowed her Poor Me act to continue, given her supporters and anti-death penalty activists a cause, something to fight for. It would of kept her in the papers, in the news, in people's minds. This way, Jodi Arias will, eventually, disappear into the cracks of Perryville and Travis Alexander will be remembered for being a loving caring individual who was devoted to his family, friends and religion. May his family find their peace now and may their brother be remembered as a shining light and not the victim of a manipulative, lying, jealous murderer. 

Watch Judge Sherry Stephens sentence Arias to LWOP.



  1. It won't be over until the appeals are over. Jodi supporters perhaps even when faced with the fact that Jodi WILL spend the rest of her life in prison, will likely continue to protest the innocence of a confessed killer.
    I watched the whole sentencing phase. The first think Kirk Nurmi couldn't wait to do, was ask to withdraw. Who could blame him.
    Jodi of course took her final jab at Travis' family with "yes he was conscious when I slit his throat", a truly terrible thing for the family to have to imagine.
    When Travis' sister told the judge how she (Travis' sister) had been victimized by Jodi supporters, she was not at all exaggerating as I too have become prey for them. Some of them a disgusting bunch who will never be able to visit Jodi, as soon as they land in Arizona they have a surprise waiting at the airport.... as many of them have committed crimes in support of Jodi.
    Since visiting Jodi will be difficult for family members, and many others, she will lose those connections that keep her name alive on the internet. Her support will fade, and her art of course worth substantially less now no longer a "death penalty" subject. Good for you Jodi, may you enjoy your time (a very long time indeed) hopelessly surrounded by like minded people in orange, may you suffer every time someone in Perryville is released knowing there is no hope you will ever leave the prison in less than a pine box. May you die an old lady with no one to really care so that you be lain to rest in a "peckerwood" cemetery, a paupers grave, a criminal, a murderer, and a liar.

    1. Wow admin, I can't believe you have become 'prey' to people who support that sociopath. I hope it wasn't anything that hasn't been resolved and handled. I am all for trying to see the good in people, even believing innocence until the bitter end but NEVER in this case! There should not be one living person with a brain in their head that believes that Narcissist is innocent. She meticulously planned the execution of a person who she claimed to love, admire, worship!!!! Then she went on to try and cover up her involvment with a serious of bizarre lies. When it came to the crunch, did she hold up her hands, admit to being driven insane with jealous rage, did she acknowedge that she had cruelly took the life of someone that every other single person he knew said was loving, loyal and devoted. Did she hell, she chose to instead drag that poor man's name, reputation and honour through the mud and back again - dragging his poor loved ones with him. As you said, she STILL could not resist digs at Travis on Monday at sentencing, in fact she wanted a pat on the back for spending the last 7 years 'fighting for her life' as she had on June 4th, 2008. And, as you said, the fact she suddenly remembered the knife going in to that poor man's throat was just diabolical. She is the worse of the worse! She murdered an innocent man because she couldn't get her own way, because it wasn't all suddenly about her. As I said in my post, I wanted her to get the death penalty so much but I do believe LWOP may be an even better punishment. She really believes she is going to live out her days in Perryville, painting pretty pictures, writing poems and donating whatever to which ever charity she thinks will buy her some headlines. When reality sinks in, her looks, which are already fading, go and the people she can manipulate are limited with even less potential gain THEN she may wish she had got the death penalty. Nobody really cares for her now, her own mother couldn't come up with anything better than she writes poems in her plea for leniency. She deserves a living hell and I know she will get it. Anyone who acts illegally in support of her should be in a cell next to her.....or maybe let her out and let her date THEIR son.